Swaggacone Foam Pad

Color :


Product Features:

1. 1 piece of car wheel hubs tool heat polishing sponge cone-shape polishing pat.

2. For car tyres polishing.

3. Cone-shape design makes it easy to polish the uneven parts on the wheel surface.

4. Long service life. It can be used repeatedly after being cleaned.

5. To transfer your electric drill into a multi-functional polishing tool for cars, boats and motorcycle.

6. The unique cone shape is very suitable for car tyres, fender, bumper and other places that hard to arrive.

7. To choose from 3 grades of hardness: Rough yellow T80, medium blue T60, precision orange T40

8. 1/4“x 1"" steel handle is suitable for power drill, die grinder.



Product Parameter:

1. Material: Sponge, plastic

2. Size( approx.): Handle diameter: 6 mm/ 0.24 inches;

                            Handle length: 28 mm/ 1.10 inches.

3. Highest revolution speed: 5000

4. Biggest diameter of sponge: about 80 mm/ 3.15 inches

5. Smallest diameter of sponge: about 34 mm/ 1.34 inches

6. Sponge length: about 87 mm/ 3.43 inches

7. Color: Yellow( hard) T80, blue( medium) T60, orange( soft) T40


Packing List:

1 x Sponge Cone Polishing Foam Pad

Item picturess