Tech - Artillery® Sidewinder X1 & X2

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3D Printer

 Artillery® Sidewinder X2 & Sidewinder X1 3D Printer Kit with 300*300*400mm Large Print Size Support Resume Printing&Filament Runout Detection With Dual Z axis/TFT Touch Screen



Important Note:

* Due to the Customs limitation rule,SD Card and USB Drive. will be Blocked during Clearance.So SD Cards will not be included in the Printer Kit Anymore

* For the data and software, you could check on Artillery Homepage .



* Limited numbers of X2 has Arrived in CZ Warehouse,Please confirm the Printer version when you place order. X2 cost more than X1 from CZ. We will not take responsibility if you choose the wrong version

** Sidewinder X2 is Available in CN Warehouse now

**Stocks from other Warehouses Like ES/PL/AU/UK/US Are X1

** Provide 110V and 220V for your choice. Please note that 110v is US plug, 220v is EU plug. Let's choose what you need.


● Standard Building Volume:
300*300*400mm large print size; 150mm/s max print speed. High accuracy printing quality, down to 50 microns.

Easy Installation and Stable Performance:
95% pre-assembled, easy for installation.
With full aluminum frame design, very stable structure

Developed Function:
Synchronized Dual Z System
Support power loss detection andrecovery.
Support filament runout detection andrecovery

Powerful high quality accessories:
With touch screen control, AC heatbed, Ultra-quiet Stepper Driver. And titanstyle direct-drive extruder to support flexible materials.

User-friendly matching: 110v and 220v are available, suitable for working voltage in most parts of the world.

Build Volume: 300 x 300 x 400mm (11.8 x 11.8 x 15.75in)
Layer resolution: 0.01mm
Maximum print speed: 150mm/s
Maximum trave speed: 250mm/s
Print bed: Glass-ceramic
Heat bed type: Rapidheating AC heat bed
Build plate heat up time: 80℃ in less than 2 minutes
Filament diameter: 1.75mm
Supported filament: PLA, ABS, Flexible PLA, TPU, Wood, PVA, HIPS…
Bed leveling: Manual
Print technology: FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
Extruder type: Direct Drive Extruder (Titan type)
XYZ resolution: 0.05mm, 0.05mm, 0.1mm
Nozzle type: Volcano
Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
Nozzle temperature: up to 240℃
Nozzle heat up time: < 3 minutes
Noise level: < 60 dBA
Power consumption: 100V-240V 600W max (with heated bed turned on)
Power supply: Plug EU Standard(220v) or US Standard(110v) - Optional
Control board: MKSGen L
Stepper driver: Exclusive ultra-quiet stepper driver (256 micro-stepping)
Advanced sensors: 3 inductive endstop sensors
Machine weight: 14kg
Shipping weight: 16.5kg
Machine dimensions: 550 x 405 x 640mm 550 x 405 x 870mm (w/ spool holder)
Shipping box dimensions: 780 x 540 x 250mm

Suitable filament recommended to you:
ABS filament 1.75mm 1kg: id 1378636
PLA filament 1.75mm 1kg: id 1491898

Replacement Parts recommanded:
Extrusion Kit: id1704534
Glass Plate: id1704524
Adaptor Boards: id1704544
X limited Switch: id1706647
Y limited Switch: id1706584
Z limited Switch: id1706566
Trianglelab Matrix Extrusion Kit: id1833564

Package Included:

1 x Artillery® Sidewinder X1 X2 3D Printer(Choose the Version you need)
1 x Tools Kits
1 x USB Disk
1 x US Plus or 1 x EU Plug